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Contact Kristie with questions or for details/quotes for the following services. You may also scroll down to schedule a complimentary half-hour info session via Zoom. 

Writing Coaching

$65/hr. with multiple-session packages available at a discounted rate

Coaching is a helpful option to assist writers with a wide array of goals. If you're looking to hone your writing craft, get specific feedback on short fiction, and/or be supported as you work on a novel, writing coaching can help. The process is highly customizable to meet the writers' unique needs and suit their busy schedules. Here's what you can expect from writing coaching with Kristie: ​​

  • Individualized plan for frequency, duration, and theme of sessions

  • One-on-one meetings with review of client materials or other preparation in between

  • Readings, activities, and lessons based on the client's unique needs

Binder with colorful tabs and notes

So you've finished a novel draft and wonder, "What next?" A manuscript review can help you understand what you've got and the necessary steps to get your book to the next level. Here's what you can expect:

  • Review of major features of the manuscript, such as structure, plot, and character development

  • Analysis of what's working and what's not 

  • Prioritized recommendations for revision

Manuscript Review

Starting at 2 cents/word

Developmental Edit Manuscript Evaluation

Starting at 4 cents/word

Similar to a manuscript review, a developmental edit manuscript evaluation digs deeper. It's better suited for manuscripts that have been through a revision or two. You'll get everything included in a manuscript review with the addition of the following: 

  • More in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses

  • Specific suggestions for revision on all major elements necessary

  • Some proposed line edits (particularly for repeated patterns identified in your writing)

  • Suggested resources to assist with the revision process

Line Editing

Starting at 4 cents/word

Line editing is looking at your writing at the sentence level to ensure every word counts and that your prose is as powerful as it can be. This fine-tooth-comb approach is best applied after the writer is confident all substantial changes to the story's high level elements (structure, plot, character arc, etc.) have been made. 


Starting at 2 cents/word

Copyediting also looks at sentence-level writing, with the intention of ensuring clarity and correctness. It is one of the later revision steps, done prior to sharing work with beta readers, seeking publication, or publishing your work. 


Kristie has taught creative writing for roughly a decade, as well as teaching other types of writing such as composition and business writing. Her students have gone on to succeed in writing contests, get accepted into master of fine arts programs, and publish their work in literary magazines, with small presses, and with large publishers. Here are her upcoming offerings: 


See some of Kristie's student evaluation comments

Client Testimonials

"Kristie has been my guide into and through the publishing process, helping me with every stage from raw drafts through final polish. Her critiques are constructive and well-thought-out. She has shared her experiences with the literary world, and helped advise me on developing my own connections to it. Every interaction with her is a lesson for me in craft and the writing life, and I am forever grateful for her patience and encouragement." Cindy S. - 2023 


"Kristie Smeltzer is a delight to work with.  She'll give you the feedback 'medicine' you need to improve your writing, while at the same time giving encouragement to keep going. She gave me a professional's perspective on my novel's manuscript--a structural edit--with an eye toward publication. Kristie is an experienced and gifted writing teacher and wise guide. And, with Kristie you get your money's worth. Years ago I fell victim to an editor I found on the internet who over-charged and under-delivered.  Kristie is not one of those."  —Peter S. - 2023


"I labored for four years on a first novel and was able to finish it, though not to my satisfaction. Then I met Kristie through WriterHouse in Charlottesville. She read and critiqued the manuscript, providing extensive explanatory notes that opened my eyes to important issues I sensed but couldn't articulate. She was then generous with her time in discussing the issues and answering my questions. Her technical feedback was invaluable, giving me a much clearer vision of what I was trying to accomplish. Throughout the process, she was kind, encouraging, enthusiastic, and positive. I come to my writing now with much deeper insight, thanks to Kristie."  —Steve N. - 2021

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