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Manuscript Review

So you've finished a novel or memoir and wonder, "What next?" Many classes can help with looking at a chapter or two at a time. When you want substantive feedback about the entire work's plot, writing craft, and to get suggestions, a manuscript review is the way to go. Kristie provides affordable options to get a hearty and constructive, in-depth manuscript review. 

Writing Coaching

Coaching for writers beginning new projects, revising existing work, or dramatically reenvisioning a project. Coaching provides highly individualized feedback and guidance, enabling writers to meet their goals and hone their craft with the assistance of an experienced writer and educator. 


Have a book you've always wanted to write but just not sure you want to write it yourself? Have ideas for a great blog about your professional experience but don't have the time to write? Ghostwriting services allow you to have work appear under your byline based on material you provide while the work itself is crafted by an experienced and highly adaptive writer used to meeting the needs of varied audiences. 


Kristie currently teaches for WriterHouse in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Freelance Writing

Writing services available for everything from news articles to website copy. 

Editing & Proofreading

Providing high quality editing and proofreading services for any kind of writing, from technical writing to creative work. 

Writer Testimonials:


"After completing the second draft of my memoir, I knew it needed some restructuring, but I wasn't sure where to start. Kristie came highly recommended by her colleagues and she didn't disappoint. After five coaching sessions I felt more focused and had a  specific plan for the next stage in my drafting process. I understood my manuscript better and how its components fit together to tell the story I envisioned."

L.E. - 2017 

"I came to Writer House almost a year ago after a long hiatus from creative writing. Under Kristie's guidance, I rediscovered my passion for writing. I worked on a novel and a few short stories during the Writer House workshop, and I have continued to work with Kristie individually following the workshop's conclusion. Kristie is a wonderful teacher. She takes care to understand my goals, and she provides constructive, targeted feedback in an encouraging way. I would recommend Kristie wholeheartedly to fellow writers and would not hesitate to work with her again in the future."

C.W.S. - 2016 

"For two years I’d worked on a novel without reaching the point where it felt finished and complete. After two fiction classes with Kristie at WriterHouse, I felt I’d found someone who could help me get it done. Kristie read two drafts of War Demon, a war novel with a paranormal twist, providing excellent advice on voice, tone, dialogue, description, action, verb tenses, things to cut, beats that were missing, shaping chapters, chapter endings, things that worked and things that didn’t. With her help, I’ve finished the novel and submitted it to Kirkus for a review. I would recommend Kristie without reservation."

Kevin Ryan - 2016