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Fish Bowl

This story appeared in Apeiron Review 's Issue 10 in 2016. 

In the "The Fine Art of Goldfish," Garfield worries about the effect his photographer wife Mariel's actions will have on their two children. Read The Fine Art of Goldfish in Issue 10 (starts on pg. 5)

You may also watch a video of this story being read aloud on the YouTube Channel, Short Stories for the People.

Beautiful Landscape

This story was a finalist in the Phoebe: A Journal of Literature and Art 2007 Annual Fiction Contest

In "Bridges," young Linda realizes her playmate Kristin is spinning out of control after a family loss. Read "Bridges"

Furry Shoes

A runner-up in the So to Speak 2005 Fiction Contest, this story first appeared in their summer/fall 2005 issue. 


In "Hurricane Shoes," an unexpected pregnancy inspires Katrina to make big changes in her life and reconnect with her mother. Read "Hurricane Shoes"

Purple Flower

In this story, Cheryl's father comes for a visit, bringing a plant with him. She worries he's lonely after her mother left him for her podiatrist, and puzzles over the meaning of his newfound affection for an African Violet. Read "Da's Violets"

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