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Student Feedback: ​

"Best instructor I've ever had. She had a clear class plan, which she stuck to, while being flexible to class input, and she balanced workshopping with instruction." 

“If Kristie doesn’t make you want to be a better writer, no one will.”

"Kristie has been wonderful as far as reading the class and knowing when to press on and when to pull back to the classes needs." 

“Kristie is exceedingly knowledgeable, intelligent and focused. She would often go directly to the heart of a question or issue and summarize her insight precisely. Extremely impressive.”

“I love Kristie! I think she’s my favorite. Good control of the class, good time management, great critique, a confident leader.”


“Kristie is great—encouraging, but thorough, she supports writers while pushing them to improve.”

“Kristie did a very good job at instructing the class without missing a beat. She fostered a friendly and kind environment and was always willing to answer questions. She provided plenty of resources to the class.”

“Kristie is very knowledgeable about writing craft and literature, and that made the course content robust and challenging.”


“Kristie is very good at providing different styles of tools for different styles of writers.”

“She put a lot of thought into preparation and into the materials she shared with the class. Students should have taken away techniques they can use and frameworks for thinking about their work.”

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