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Additional Client Testimonials:

"What started with a manuscript review turned into a trusting relationship between developmental editor and writer. Kristie guided me through a complete restructure of my memoir: which content, where, and what's missing. After the next review, we tackled narrative arc, pacing, and areas I needed to dig in. I also learned how to improve dialogue and avoid my writing quirks. Every step of the way, Kristie was kind, encouraging, professional, and firm. Her goal was for me to produce the best possible book. As a result of our collaboration, I became not only a better writer but also a better person."  —Carole Duff - 2019

"After completing the second draft of my memoir, I knew it needed some restructuring, but I wasn't sure where to start. Kristie came highly recommended by her colleagues and she didn't disappoint. After five coaching sessions I felt more focused and had a  specific plan for the next stage in my drafting process. I understood my manuscript better and how its components fit together to tell the story I envisioned."  —L.E. - 2017


"I came to Writer House almost a year ago after a long hiatus from creative writing. Under Kristie's guidance, I rediscovered my passion for writing. I worked on a novel and a few short stories during the Writer House workshop, and I have continued to work with Kristie individually following the workshop's conclusion. Kristie is a wonderful teacher. She takes care to understand my goals, and she provides constructive, targeted feedback in an encouraging way. I would recommend Kristie wholeheartedly to fellow writers and would not hesitate to work with her again in the future."  

—C.W.S. - 2016

"For two years I’d worked on a novel without reaching the point where it felt finished and complete. After two fiction classes with Kristie at WriterHouse, I felt I’d found someone who could help me get it done. Kristie read two drafts of War Demon, a war novel with a paranormal twist, providing excellent advice on voice, tone, dialogue, description, action, verb tenses, things to cut, beats that were missing, shaping chapters, chapter endings, things that worked and things that didn’t. With her help, I’ve finished the novel and submitted it to Kirkus for a review. I would recommend Kristie without reservation."  —Kevin Ryan - 2016

"Kristie has reviewed a novel and a short story I spent several years writing. First we agreed on the feedback requirements for my work, then she tailored the reviews accordingly and provided excellent criticism with ways for making improvements.  She suggested methods to improve the voice of my characters and to increase the tension to propel the plot forward. She even uncovered a hole in the plot and did some fact checking on copperhead snakes.


"Kristie understood what lay below the surface of what I wrote and put a good deal of thought into her commentary. I wanted my work to be the best it could possibly be and I feel she has helped me achieve this. I can heartily recommend her services." —J.T.B. - 2016

"I’d been working for several years on a story that became important to me. I needed a critical evaluation and sought out some help from the Writerhouse in Charlottesville. Kristie was suggested so I did some research on her credentials, read her published works and met with her in person before asking her to read and comment on my story. Kristie over-delivered with detailed commentary, chapter by chapter outlining strengths, weaknesses and possible edits. I understood and agreed with nearly everything she said and am certain I have improved my piece with her help." —J.I. - 2016

"This is a note of appreciation for Kristie Smeltzer for her help as a writing coach over the last two months. We began work with my rough draft of a very long story that will probably evolve into a novella. She has helped me improve the story arc, the depth of the characters and their interactions, and elements of writing craft. All the work has really brought the story alive. Best of all, Kristie is amazing in catching on to my intention very quickly and giving feedback that is personalized and exactly relevant to the story, plot and characters you are are developing. She helps you clarify your ideas and write what you want to say in an artful way. Thank you, Kristie!" —C.G.C. - 2015

"Kristie has great passion for the craft of writing. She provided me with excellent, balanced feedback that made complete sense. She asked incisive questions that helped me refine my goals with my work. Her questions led me to many important insights as to how I could improve and enhance my writing. Most importantly, Kristie was a true advocate for the success of my novel, and that inspired me to work harder and embrace the revision process." —S.W. - 2015

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