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Check out updates about Kristie's work, readings, and other events.

"A Warm Current" published by Scribes*MICRO*Fiction - 9/15/23

Read Kristie's micro fiction story "A Warm Current" in Scribes*MICRO*Fiction Issue 33. . 

"Airport People" published by MonkeyBicycle - 5/5/23

Read Kristie's flash fiction story "Airport People" on MonkeyBicycle

"The Sacrament" published by Atticus Review - 4/15/23

Read Kristie's flash fiction story "The Sacrament" in Atticus Review Issue 4. 

"The Fine Art of Goldfish" appears on YouTube channel Short Stories for the People - 1/19/23

Watch the video of Kristie's story being read. She is honored that her story is the first to be featured in the new series. Thanks, Karen! "The Fine Art of Goldfish" was first published by the Apeiron Review

"Seeing Red" published by pioneertown - 12/6/22

Read Kristie's flash fiction story "Seeing Red" at pioneertown. 

"Vanilla Haze" published by 101 Words - 12/4/22

Read Kristie's microstory "Vanilla Haze" at 101 Words.

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